Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A bit more on God

If you believe in god or not, If you believe god is a separate being or that god is apart of everything or that god is everything, If you choose not to believe in god at all, it does not matter. God is. I sometimes hesitate to use the word god but my only other choices seem to be obscure and ancient sanscrit or pali terms that are just as confusing and restrictive in their meanings. As Paul Williams wrote in Das Energi "Sometimes it is enlightening to have a name for God: sometimes it is blinding. If you make a list of words for God you will have a list of all words. You will not have God." God transcends our conceptions, yet god is us and we are god.

They say, "You are god."But everything is.
They say, "All is god." Then why are there differences?
They say, "All is an illusion."But does that include god?

-Deng Ming-Dao - 365 Tao day 211

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